God’s Invitation to Relationship (GITR)
A  6 week introduction to Ways of Praying


Growth in Prayer & Reflective Living (GPRL)

Running Oct to April  2024-25   (20 weeks)

In person Edinburgh


Training in Spiritual Conversation 

This will NOT run in 2024-25


Training in Spiritual  Direction

  Running 2024-25


St Ignatius

Training in giving the Spiritual Exercises  

Run on demand



The Epiphany Group  (EG) is keen that no-one should be excluded from our courses for financial
reasons. We encourage applicants to seek funding from other sources and can offer suggestions on this.

Please contact us for further information.

There is also a limited EG Bursary and Development Fund, supported by donations, which is available to those in need of assistance.

Application Form

Application for Bursary (DOCX)


For general enquiries