(Includes Edinburgh,  Lothians and Borders)

view out of a bay window of the seaA Quiet Day for Lockdown

On Saturday 6th June, I’d planned to host a Quiet Day in Edinburgh on the theme of Summer. As lockdown restrictions continue, I have decided to offer the quiet day online for people to do at home, either as a retreat day or a series of daily reflections.

When the year began, we could never have guessed what the spring and summer of 2020 would bring. I am redesigning the material to give us an opportunity to reflect on where we are, to look at what these strange times have brought us (the good and the bad), and where to find strength and encouragement as we begin to move forward. But the “Summer” themes will be there too – noticing how God continues to call us to restoration, healing and fullness of life.

 The material will be available at the beginning of June and can be used for a full day, two half days or (approx) five daily reflections on consecutive days. The hope is to recreate something of the spirit of the in-person quiet days and there will be a little (optional) sharing so that we have a sense of others on the same journey.

 As there are clearly no geographical restrictions on taking part, I wanted to offer this more widely to members of the EG, and please do feel free to pass this information to others who you think might benefit.

Please register to take part by June 6th by contacting

Susan Mansfield on wordsmansfield@gmail.com or 07803 620038.

There is a suggested donation £10 (or give what you can).


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Members’ In- Service Day -POSTPONED


May 30th ( 10am  to  4pm) 

Lauriston Jesuit Centre in Edinburgh 

Fr Dermot Preston SJ

The focus will be the importance of developing and nurturing a  “discerning heart “, in the Ignatian way.



Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living

Edinburgh & Fife  2019-2020





3 people talkingSpiritual Conversation Training

Edinburgh 2019 -20


Sacred Spaces

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Sacred Spaces is keen to offer Quiet Days to churches and parishes in the Lothian regions in association with the Epiphany Group.