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autumn leaves and blue skyFocusing on the Light:
A Quiet Day for Uncertain Times

This year, the coming of autumn seems to be accompanied by fresh anxieties – about the pandemic, the economy, the impact of Brexit. How do we keep going in these uncertain times, when lockdown doesn’t feel like it’s over, and “normality” still seems a long way off? As the days shorten and the darkness returns, how do we keep our eyes on the light?

This online retreat offers a chance to take time out, to focus on things which might be hard to see when there is uncertainty around. It’s about finding what gives a sense of solid ground beneath our feet, noticing when the light has been with us all along, and thinking about what gives us strength and courage to move forward. It’s a chance to reconnect with the One who is our protector, guide, companion and our hope.

The retreat material will be available at the beginning of October and can be used like a quiet day on a single day, two half days or as a series of daily reflections. Participants are encouraged, if they can, to include a reflective walk as part of the experience. The material can be sent by email, or a print version can be sent by post.


Please register to take part by September 28th by contacting
Susan Mansfield on wordsmansfield@gmail.com or 07803 620038.

Suggested donation

There is a suggested donation of £10. These are tough times, financially, for many, so anyone who would like to take part but would find it hard to pay should register free of charge. Any donations received will help make this retreat available for those who would find it hard to pay.


Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living

Edinburgh & Fife  2020-2021





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