Epiphany Group logoWhy is it called the Epiphany Group?

The group is named after the Feast of the Epiphany, which celebrates the visit of the Magi to worship the Christ child in Bethlehem. The word “epiphany” means manifestation; in Christian tradition, the appearance of the Lord.

The Feast of the Epiphany falls on 6 January each year. On that day in 1999 the first invitation to talk about the formation of the group was sent out.

Where does it meet?

The Epiphany Group does not have a permanent centre but uses premises in various locations throughout Scotland to suit need and demand.

The Group works in a dispersed or ‘nomadic’ way, holding events in

  • Aberdeen
  • Angus
  • Edinburgh
  • Kirkcudbright
  • Inverness-shire
  • Lothians
  • Skelmorlie
  • Perthshire

As needs change or develop, so do our ways of approaching and creatively resourcing courses and events.

If I am not a member, how can I participate?

Firstly, most individuals and most groups of people in contact with the Epiphany Group are ‘non-members’ – receiving spiritual direction / accompaniment from our trained members or participating in training courses and other open events.

Each year, the Epiphany Group holds a Conference on a theme related to Ignatian spirituality and its relevance to the world and people of today.  Non-members are always very welcome to share in what is a life-giving and encouraging few days of input, being inspired and challenged as well as enjoying social and reflective time together as resident or non-resident participants.

As well as the programme of training courses on offer around the country, other open events and courses are continually being developed and offered by our members.  Please see the In Your Area page  for up-to-date information.