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I lift my eyes: Seeking God in the natural world

A retreat package to use at home or away, available 20th June

Cost £30 (includes booklet)

It’s easy to go through life with our heads down, just getting through the day. This retreat is an invitation to lift our eyes, to look – really look – at what is around us. Can we read the signature of the creator in the hills, the trees, in the feathers of a bird, the flowers in a garden? How do we get to know the God we meet in a complex, fragile, surprising world?

I Lift My Eyes is a complete retreat package (including printed booklet) with reflections to listen to and other material to read and linger with. It can be used during a dedicated time of retreat at home or away, or in extended times of daily reflection. The approach draws on Ignatian spirituality and uses art, poetry, Scripture and other reflective writing.
Available from 20th June.

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Women’s Spiritual Reflection Group

 1 more  session – Sunday evenings 7.15 – 8.30pm on Zoom
 23rd June
Many spiritual seekers long for more experience of authentic connection and community, especially those who feel on the edge of church – or over the edge of church. In this group, through guided reflection, poetry, music and facilitated sharing, we’ll drop into a deeper kind of conversation – and find resourcing for our lives. Come with hopes, doubts, curiosities, sorrows, heretical questions, well-being wishes, inspirations, fears and sense of humour.
£20 per session with a commitment to the 4 dates. Maximum 8 participants.
Enquiries by end February
Facilitated by Elizabeth White, I am rooted in an evolving and inclusive contemplative Christian tradition. I’m inspired by ongoing depth of journey in the whole of life and work, and describe myself as a soulful and therapeutic edge-walker. I work in person and via zoom as a Spiritual Director and accredited Pastoral Supervisor, have particular interests in power, attachment, trauma and love, and in how we can become wounded healers for our world.


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