(includes Kirkcudbright, Dumfries, Ayr, Paisley & Glasgow)

Aig Fois

Quiet Days offering opportunities to explore prayer in its widest forms. The days are guided and provide space for silence; based in Kirkcudbright, Galloway.


Book Group: Sensible Shoes

What to wear when going on a spiritual journey.

‘Sensible Shoes’ by Sharon Garlough Brown is about the spiritual journeys of 4 women – Hannah, Meg, Mara and Charissa – after they embark on a retreat in their hometown. The novel explores their deepening friendship as well as their individual inner journeys.

We will listen to each other as we explore, chapter by chapter, what resonates and which characters we relate to, We will also be introduced gently to the new ways of praying the characters experience in the book. No previous experience of prayer or faith is necessary. EVERYONE IS WELCOME

Every Saturday, 2-4 pm

from 10th August – 14th September 2019

Venue: Dumfries Northwest Church, Lochside Road, Dumfries

Copies of the book are available from online book stores. Regular attendance isn’t obligatory, but it helps.

The number will be limited, so if you’re interested in joining us, please contact

Rachel Inglis, E:info@aigfois.co.uk or

Tracy Temple, E: tracy.templednw@gmail.com


Bridge over river in DumfiresGrowth in Prayer & Reflective Living (GPRL) DUMFRIES

Oct 2019- May 2020

For whom is the course intended?

The course is intended for those of different denominations and none. No particular ability in prayer is required, only a desire for God.

Course Content

  • Different ways of praying taken from Ignatian, Celtic and other spiritual traditions.
  • Awareness of our different perceptions of God. The use of a journal and the value of self-awareness as aids to reflective living.
  • Prayer experienced through music, art and movement.
  • An introduction to Ignatian discernment, through which a person may come to make choices which celebrate the unique giftedness conferred on them by the Creator.

Visit  GPRL page for more information