God’s invitation to relationship
(an introduction to ways of praying)

A four – six week short prayer course to support people into a deeper prayer life through

 – facilitators’ input (all trained spiritual directors with teh Epiphany Group)
 – guided prayer experience 
 – sharing


What participants  have said:

  • I am so grateful to you all for the wonderful course. You all did a wonderful job leading us.
  • I am forever changed due to the course and very excited to grow deeper in my spirituality through prayer.
  • It has been eye-opening the different ways that we can pray and hear God’s voice.
  • New ways of coming into relationship with God have been both dynamic and powerful.



  • General introduction to prayer, stilling and examen
  • Praying  with Scripture – Lectio Divina
  • Imaginative prayer
  • Praying with art


Next course on Zoom 

Wednesdays  7.30pm – 9pm

  • Session 1 1st Sept
  • Session2 8th Sept

week off then

  • Session 3 22nd Sept
  • Session4 29th Sept

Follow ups:

  • Session 5 13th Oct
  • Session 6 27th Oct



  • Kathleen Curran
  • Juliet MacKellaig
  • Sheena Headden



There is no charge for this course.



Email to invitation@epiphanygroup.org.uk


Download poster ( PDF)