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The Vision

Through the vision of the Epiphany Group, which is rooted in Ignatian spirituality, people are helped to discover their identity in Christ and to live it more fully in the faith community that nurtures them, and out in the world.

At the core of Ignatian spirituality is contemplative practice, by which we mean a way of living and being present in our daily life that is prayerful, reflective and discerning; a way of being that draws us to live out our true self in freedom.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Epiphany Group is to give mutual support and encouragement, and to foster community among practitioners working from the living tradition of Ignatian spirituality, in order that ministries arising from the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises may flourish in Scotland.

The aim of the Epiphany Group is to be a discerning group of women and men working ecumenically across Scotland; committed in our Ignatian work to being a force for transformation.

Members of the Epiphany Group

• have completed the full Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in a recognised manner;
• have completed recognised training in spiritual direction;
• practice as spiritual directors/companions working in a properly supervised manner or practice regularly as a guide on Retreats in Daily Life (RDLs), Individually Guided Retreats (IGRs) or Quiet Days – with supervision appropriate to each form of ministry;
• abide by the Epiphany Group Code of Practice, holding ourselves
accountable for standards of practice beneficial to those with whom we work

Currently, there are 74 Epiphany Group members  working throughout Scotland and  2 Honorary Members.

Core Group

The Epiphany Group is led by a Co-ordinator working in collaboration with the Core Group; together, this Group provides leadership, follows Ignatian principles of praying and reflecting together and makes decisions in a discerning way.

The Core Group represents the entire membership of the Epiphany Group, spread across Scotland. Each Core Group member is appointed initially for 3 years, with a possible extension for another 3 years. As a Core Group, we welcome suggestions and ideas from our members.

Core Group members volunteer their time to meeting and planning the programme of events and presenting the annual conference, where their welcoming presence and practical support ensures that everything from meals to liturgy runs smoothly. They write regional reports, contribute to the Annual Report and help keep an eye on the finances and resources needed to support our mission.
Core Group members also organise events and training opportunities in their own area.

Current members
Core Group:

  • Cathy Backett (Edinburgh)
  • Sharon Laidlaw (East Lothian)
  • Margaret Linforth (Edinburgh)
  • Gero McLoughlin SJ – represents the Society of Jesus on the Core Group



Since its inception in 2000, the work of the Epiphany Group has been guided by a Co-ordinator, working in collaboration with the Core Group.  The post is vacant at present.

The Epiphany Group receives an annual grant from the Society of Jesus, which enables the Co-ordinator to be remunerated and meets the basic expenses of Core Group meetings.