St Ignatius


The author of the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius of Loyola, lived in the 16th Century.  Based on his own prayer experiences, he wrote notes which he developed into the spiritual exercises.

Through the centuries the Exercises and the spirituality which flows from them have been a powerful and flexible tool in helping people find freedom to seek God’s way and come to follow it.

If your interest is in making the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in full, this requires regular individual meetings with a spiritual director/companion.

After a time of preparation, the Spiritual Exercises are usually made either in retreat over 30 days, or in daily life (known as the 19th annotation) over a period of about 30 weeks. In daily life format there are  weekly meetings with a guide which can either be in person or online (via Zoom etc).

If you would like to explore making the Exercises and what this might involve
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What are the Spiritual Exercises?