A gift from Margaret Stein


Margaret shares with us the possibilities that emerge when her artistic gifts form part of her prayer:


I find it helpful when meditating on a Biblical passage or theme, to bring it to a conclusion by visualising something which symbolises what I have been thinking about, and then putting that on paper in pastels or paint. You might call it journaling in colour! But the result can sometimes lead to new or deeper understandings at an emotional or spiritual level, which I would find hard to put into words.

During the pandemic, Margaret created two composite pictures, one through Lent and the other through Advent. What began as a dream for a basic composition, gradually took form as ideas were clarified and understanding emerged.


Advent Confinement is the fruit of her meditations as she turned towards Christmas.

painting Margaret stein

The virus was still a real threat to all on the blue planet, causing depression, but there is hope for the world with the coming of the Christ-child, and developing antibodies.

 The Christmas story is picked up by the angel, the pink rose for Mary, the star, the lamb, and symbols for gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

The lamb also reminds us of the Lamb of God and sacrifice, which relates to the massacre of the innocents over which God weeps.

Numerous traditional Christmas features are scattered around but the main message is that Jesus, the Lamb of God, is about to be born (from a heart-shaped womb) bringing hope into the world, God’s kiss to us under the mistletoe!