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Safeguarding Statement


The Epiphany Group (EG) Code of Practice is available here. Drawing from the values and principles expressed therein, we commit ourselves in our ministry to adhering to the following Safeguarding Statement.


Confidentiality Agreement

The Epiphany Group requires that at the start of all formal spiritual direction relationships:

  • A written agreement (the Confidentiality Agreement) is discussed, signed and kept by both the Director and Directee which states that, while meetings are confidential, any matters relating to the protection of children or vulnerable adults will be referred to the appropriate Safeguarding Contact or statutory agencies i.e. Police or Social Work


Prevention and Recognition of Safeguarding Issues:

While spiritual direction conversations would normally be held in confidence, where a disclosure is made that could cause a child or vulnerable adult to be at risk of significant harm, it is necessary to seek advice and guidance from the Safeguarding Contact and/or statutory agency. It is also necessary to create a written record of what is said and any action taken.

Such situations (not exhaustive) include:

  • Past abuse where the perpetrator still has contact with children or adults at risk of harm.
  • A person who may have committed abuse or is fearful that they have the propensity to commit harm.
  • A person who has either experienced past abuse or is witnessing it.
  • A person who may view or download indecent images of children or extreme abuse. 
  • A person who is aware of an act of terrorism or is considering such an act or is aware of someone who is planning an act.



  • The first point of contact when a safeguarding concern arises is the Epiphany Group Safeguarding Contact, who would, if necessary, refer on to the Safeguarding Liaison or relevant agencies. 
  • In the case of immediate risk to anyone, statutory agencies, such as Police, Health or Social Work should be contacted immediately. 
    The EG has a policy of confidentiality in relation to any enquiry; records of such an enquiry will be kept.    
  • All members of the Epiphany Group are required to watch the Safeguarding Awareness Training video.