Leadership Team

Present team

  • Isabel Jackson – Aberdeen.
  • Melitta Bosworth – Perth 
  • Rissa de la Paz –  Edinburgh (Retiring in July)
  • Lori Krause – Edinburgh
  • Susan Mansfield – Dunfermline 
  • Elspeth Strachan Edinburgh
  • Di Hollow – Edinburgh  ex-officio member of the Leadership Team 
    as the Training Course Co-ordinator

The Leadership Team works collaboratively  to foster supportive relationships and transparent communication within our community of members. Rooted in Ignatian Spirituality, we aspire to creatively enable the gifts among our members.

Our desire is to enable the Epiphany Group  to keep developing, individually and collectively, as agents of transformation across the mainland of Scotland and the islands. 

We will spend this coming year enabling conversations and deepening relationships within the Epiphany Group, and allowing a communal discernment to emerge on how God is leading us.

The Epiphany Group receives financial support from the Society of Jesus for which we are extremely grateful.