A gift from Sharon Laidlaw

Sharon offers a moving meditation on the holy listening that is at the heart of our ministry. She shares what prompted her to write the poem:

One of the most significant gifts that the Epiphany Group has offered to me over the years, is the gift of spiritual accompaniment, both as the one accompanied and then as the accompanier.


It is a beautiful, life giving experience to be accompanied on my journey and an enormous privilege to walk alongside another in theirs. The Epiphany Group is well named: the journey of the Magi, towards that ordinary, hidden away manger in Bethlehem, speaks to me of the journey of accompaniment – finding God in the journey of our lives, in the ordinary, hidden places of our experience. 



A sacred space

A holding place

One talks

The other listens.

Each acknowledging

The  invisible third.

One offers presence

The other

A search

A sigh of longing

A life lived.

Journeying together

In speech and silence

Members of each other

Looking for God’s

Intangible presence

Revealed as

Tangibly present.

Everyday epiphanies.



Sharon Laidlaw Jan 2021