A gift from Val Gillies

Val Gillies tunes her ear to the vibrations that shimmer in a pool of water near the chapel bell-tower at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Dawyck. 
How do our own lives resonate with the holy?

View Val reciting her poem

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The Bellspool, River Tweed

for the Epiphany Group


Among the woods, the chapel is locked,

its bell hanging between heaven and earth,


bronze above the bend in the river

where the clear stream slows down.


Water lip, bell brim. The surface is stirred,

shirred by a breeze from the open hills


and the Bellspool is ringing today,

a surprise for anyone who hears it.


An echo of bronze, bright in tone,

again, the echo of the bell moving on,


the water lives and lets it go,

to sound in a whole new way.