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Rest, Remain, Replenish: A Summer Retreat at Home or Away

“Remain in me and I shall remain in you…” (John 15:5)
After a year of coping with the pandemic, summer 2021 finds many of us hopeful but tired. Inner resources are depleted after more than a year of getting by, and there is still uncertainty about what lies ahead. 
Rest, Remain, Replenish is a retreat to do in your own time this summer, a quiet place, a breathing space, a time of reflection and reconnection with God and with ourselves. It’s an invitation to remember the value of rest, of recouping resources, to consider what it means to heal, and to look at moving forward.
The material is in five parts, each with a short guided audio reflection (also available as text) and a small selection of other printed material. The retreat draws on the tradition of Ignatian spirituality alongside other contemplative and creative traditions, and uses art, poetry, music, Scripture and other reflective writing. It would be suitable to use in extended times of daily reflection over the course of a week, at home or on holiday, more intensively over 1-3 days, or as part of a self-structured retreat.
For more information or to book visit www.heartinpilgrimage.org.uk, or contact Susan Mansfield on info@heartinpilgrimage.org.uk or 07803 620038.
The material will be available from late June until  hte end of August. The retreat cost is £25.
You can book and pay securely on the website, or contact me for other payment options. A limited number of gift places are available for anyone who would find it hard to pay, please get in touch for more information. Any additional donations will help make the retreat available for others.



Pray as you go & the Spiritual Exercises

St Ignatius

These reflections are different from many of the other reflections produced by Pray as you go, there won’t be a text you’ll be invited to listen to and reflect on.


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