St Ignatius of Loyola developed guidelines  to help people come to decisions about where to go and what to do in their lives. The process involves the followers of Christ becoming more sensitive to the action of God in their lives. The underlying sense  is one of trusting self and feelings. The belief is that God’s desire for each one of us is that we should be at peace and joyful.


Fr Timothy Gallagher OMV series on the
14 Rules of the Discernment of Spirits

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Deciding Like A Jesuit

A series of videos on discernment from Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ >>>


Discernment of Spirits>>>

Introduction to Godseekersnd

This site is a resource for DISCERNMENT in the Spirit within the context of a praying community. The resources are developed from Catholic Tradition and Ignatian spirituality as well as the communal discernment practices of the Society of Friends (Quakers). The series of articles may help to sharpen your listening and aid your seeking. These resources have been helpful to me. May they lead you back to your most authentic self, to the Living God, and to one another.