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All Epiphany Group members must comply with its  Code of Practice as seen below.



Members of the Epiphany Group work from the living tradition of Ignatian spirituality arising from the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, offering help and support to churches, parishes, groups and individuals who wish to explore God’s relationship with them and what this means in how they live their lives.



Our values come from our belief that we are called to live God’s love in the world, and that our guidance for helping others to be more responsive to God comes from our sense of God’s love for us revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, thus:

  • God loves us infinitely and unconditionally.
  • God has a unique relationship with us: God can be known and felt in our  experience.
  • God enjoys our uniqueness. Our diversity is an expression of the infinite creativity of God.
  • God respects our individuality, our free will, our right to make our own choices in life.
  • God knows and understands in specific detail our deepest needs, longings and desires and communicates that understanding in empathy with us.
  • God is continually making things new, redeeming and restoring, thus  change and growth are always possible.
  • Co-operation with God energises and empowers us: God draws us into union with one another and with God.
  • God challenges us to be fully who we are, by letting us know when we are   less than we are created to be.



The Divine Role

  • In all we do we affirm the goodness and action of God, who alone gives grace, to us and to those with whom we work alike.


  • We respect the uniqueness, individuality and value of each person. We affirm their right to privacy and confidentiality in what they share with us, and their right and responsibility to chose their own path and direction.

Diversity and Difference

  • We recognise and rejoice in diversity and difference between people as an expression of the infinite creativity of God.

Listening and Responding with Empathy

  • We affirm the centrality of listening and responding with empathy to the deepest needs, longings and desires of those who meet with us.


  • We work in the best interests of enabling people to take charge of their own experience and their capacity to change and grow in love and action.

Being Active in Conversation

  • We recognise our responsibility to encourage and challenge people in love, to become more fully who they are created by God to be.

Being in the Presence of Mystery

  • Recognising our responsibility to prepare ourselves through training and supervision, we affirm that in the presence of the other person we aspire to lay all aside in order to be with another living soul and what may be effective for them and God’s glory.



Members have completed the full Ignatian Spirituality Exercises in a recognised manner

  1. Members have completed recognised training in spiritual direction.
  2. In practising as spiritual directors/accompaniers members work in a properly supervised manner, and are committed to ongoing professional development.
  3. Members understand and work within the boundaries which are relevant to spiritual direction and faith accompaniment.
  4. Members work in a methodical way, and reflect on and review their practice prayerfully.
  5. Members are careful not to exploit, abuse or harm people in any way.
  6. Members hold themselves personally accountable to those they accompany and to God for standards of practice that are beneficial to others.
  7. Members continue to discern how they are being called to express God’s love in the world through their various ministries.
  8. Members support inclusive language and practices in their work and shared worship.
  9. Members treat all information given by people they are accompanying as confidential. Potential for serious harm to the directee or another person may however require disclosure.
  10. Members adhere to the procedures outlined in our Safeguarding Statement