Through Lent with Ignatius of Loyola

A Lent Retreat

Ignatian Spirituality Centre Glasgow ( ISC)

Begins Ash Wednesday, 2nd March 2022


A 16th Century soldier turned saint whose life is relevant
and inspirational today.

Come with us on a journey through Lent with Ignatius of Loyola and see how his struggles and achievements form part of the common human search to understand self and live a fulfilling life.
It is 500 years since a cannonball shattered his dreams of fame and fortune and forced him to re-evaluate life. From the comfortable life of Spanish nobility he opted for a simple lifestyle of service to those most in need and devotion to Christ.

Each day of Lent we offer:

  • An episode in the life of Ignatius
  • A reading from Scripture
  • A picture to ponder
  • Music to inspire
  • A short reflection

Join us daily online and join or lead  a group weekly to share your exploration and prayer and if need be get help with the different ways of praying the materials.

How to Access the Retreat

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