Sharing the Graces of the Annual Gathering 2023



Sharing the Graces Part I

You are invited to enjoy these free reflections which come from the material created by Sarah Broscombe for the Annual Gathering. We thank Sarah for her generosity in making them available to share here, read by Susan. They are a gift for all of us, those who did not attend the gathering, and those who did, who might enjoy repeating them.

You can simply listen to these on the website, or you are free to download them if you prefer.

You have received the text of these reflections by attachment, as well as ‘Ignatian Recipe’ illustration.


The Bread Meditation

For the Bread Meditation, you are invited to have a small amount of tasty bread. You might like to spend some time being still in a way which you find helpful before listening to the meditations, and remember you can pause the recording any time you want.

Audio of Bread Meditation

Text of Bread Mediation (PDF)>>>

Text of Bread Meditation (DOCX) >>>



The Kingdom Meditation

Audio of Kingdom  Meditation

Text of Kingdom  Mediation (PDF)

Text of Kingdom Meditation (DOCX)



Sharing the Graces Part II

In Sharing the Graces Part II, we will meet as a group on Zoom to reflect together on our individual journeys with this material, and consider the invitations to move forward together.

Save the date for Sharing the Graces Part II on Tuesday 19th September at 7pm on Zoom.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Susan Mansfield on attend the gathering, and those who did, who might enjoy repeating them.