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In view of the fact that the Bursary fund has not often been used in recent years – in large part, due to the generosity of the Society of Retreat Conductors – the Leadership Team  is proposing to broaden its scope.

We are proposing to re-name it the Bursary and Development Fund and make finance available for a variety of additional purposes.

These might include:

Subsidising outreach projects like:

  • RDLs or Quiet Days in areas of deprivation; or among student bodies.
  • Training new tutors as required. 

It sometimes happens that the income from e.g. a Spiritual
Conversation course is not enough to cover the extra cost of
introducing a new tutor or even two to boost the pool of trainers.
It would be very helpful to be able to draw on the fund rather
than be obliged to raise the cost of the course.

  • Developing new courses.

We are now proposing separate Bursary and Development Fund application forms to accommodate these possibilities.

Application Forms

Application-for-Development-Fund  (DOCX)

Application for Bursary (DOCX)